Thursday, May 12, 2005

knitter down

Knitting isn't happening today. i think i hurt my right arm putting together a bookshelf, and it was starting to bother me when i went to bed last night. it has hurt all day, so i took the day off from knitting. and crocheting. ugh. i'm so bored.

i came home to find mark cleaning again. and i don't know what happened to the raw chicken hat. sigh. i'm not sure where everything is (he cleaned in my craft corner!). sigh. i love him, but i wish he'd at least wait until i get home, so i can see where he's putting things.

the storm was so bad last night they closed 30th street (one block over). it was still down to 2 lanes of traffic when i got home from work tonight. we had windgusts of 58 miles an hour. and a porch window broke. dammit, i'm going to have to go to home depot and buy a storm window.

mark and i are going to have to have "that" talk with the boys, and soon. liam is almost 13, and i'm sure things are developing to a stage where it's necessary to do it soon. mark agrees that we both need to be there, and that it needs to be soon. and it will be with both boys, because i don't want liam giving sean incorrect information. what joy.

You might be a redneck if your mounted deer head sports a baseball cap and sunglasses.
You might be a redneck if you've followed the knife and gun show to more than one town.

Pattern of hte day: Beaded Tassel. this is pretty, but i really don't have much use for tassels.
Pattern of the Day: Candace Baby Cardigan. this is made with self patterning sock yarn. very cute, but i have problems with yarn that fine, even in socks (and yes i ahve entirely too much sock yarn at hte moment, anyway). still, very cute.

Have a nice day

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