Thursday, May 05, 2005

a stitch in time saves 9 . . .

but a sewing machine saves hours.
too bad there isn't a home sewing machine that whipstitches in worsted weight yarn. i'm valiantly trying to stitch all the rows together now on the afghan. i've gotten row 1&2 together, 3&4 together, and am currently stitching 5,6&7 together. woof. i'm sick of this! lol

i think i got maybe 3 or 4 inches in on mark's sweater at work again. got sent to mail, so didnt' get as much done as i would have liked.

i had to file FMLA papers at work today because they denied me time off to take my son to the doctor. the employee coordinator is a really sweet woman, though, and helped me go through the papers again (i had to file FMLA papers last fall when they denied me time off to take my mother to the doctor (i'm her only transport(i will NOT put her on MAT in this town!) and since she's deaf, i'm her translator as well)), and i've got them in the mail to the doctor (out at 170th and Center, and i'm at 29th and young, no way in hell am i going to drive all the way out there when they aren't open late very often) and they said they would fax it in for me. sigh. i hate taking drastic measures like that, but when it's my son, i'll do it.

sean was a brat tonight. he got himself "stuck" in his closet, and refused to come out. so i gave him a consequence, and when he started grabbing more toys, i gave him the consequence of cleaning his room, since he insisted on cluttering it up with junk from the closet. that made him mad, and he refused to do it. so i took his video games away for the rest of the week. after much yelling and screaming (on his part, i was calm as a cucumber, yeah me!), we finally came to a compromise. if he could get his room clean in a cumulative 45 minutes (we were on the verge of eating dinner when this treatise of versailles came about) he could earn his games back. he did it. and peace reigned once again in the kingdom (i'm feeling fairy tale ish tonight, i can see). then mark and i started. oy. i don't know if it's just males around here today, or my hormones making me crabbier than usual (dont' ask if you don't know, lol), or if they're feeding off my hormones. OY! anyway, i ended up hanging up on mark because he just would not let it go, and insisted on arguing with me, even after i'd told him i'd had enough, and that i wanted to discuss this in the morning. ha!

Alas and ALACK !!!!!

You might be a redneck if your best jacket has an advertisement on the back of it.

Pattern of hte Day: Super Ten Cotton Cardi. looks ot be a relatively simple cardi wiht the feature being the yarn. at least this one has a pattern, unlike the garter scarf patterns "k across. repeat til X" length. bind off. weave in. Voila, instant gratification !" Oy Gevalt!

Have a nice day

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TitaniumRose said...

Men - can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em fast enough. =)

Hang in there, it took me and the DH several YEARS before we figured out that when we get angry with each other it really is best to wait until we can act like rational adults before speaking to each other. He finally gets that when I say "just leave me the hell alone right now" I really mean it and I'll eventually be able to stand the sight of him again, but only if he lets me have time to calm down.