Thursday, May 19, 2005

KIP day!

found this on yarnivorous's blog. so, KIPer's unite! i KIP just about every saturday anyway, lol, but i'm definitely gonna do this. even if it's renfair weekend, lol. work those needles, people!

i didn't get much done. i fell asleep mid bootie on the second purple one last night, and was unable to finish it at work because i was in mail all day. poo

i'm getting so sick of IFP. jodie insisted on coming tonight, even though it was date night. so we did it. she did leave at 540, so i was able to be at mark's by 615. still, very frustrating. i want my life back.

No redneck for yesterday, somebody pulled it off and i can't find it. sorry.

you might be a redneck if you list "staring" as one of your hobbies.

Pattern of the day 5/18/2005: Qick and EAsy Soy Silk Stole. again, non pattern, need i say more?

Pattern of hte day 5/19/2005: Crossover Mesh Stitch Market Bag. there's a few bag patterns floating around like this, andi like em all. best part is you can use worsted as well as the sports weight they recommend. can't find hemp or linen yarn around here, so i spose cotton it will be. (VBEG) a bag to put more yarn in.

Have a good day! and don't forget to contribute to steph's relay for life fund.


vi said...

mengele pounded my bone back into place and the pain turned by brains to mush
remind me to finish this......which I didn't realize I had to do
next week

TitaniumRose said...

Would that be the Renn Faire over at IWCC?? Inquiring minds need to know! =)