Monday, May 02, 2005

this is May Day?

i didn't knit much today (actually, not at all) but i did buy yarn. the pics are below. my intention is to use all of it for AC4C's May Project, the Arnold Palmer Hospital in Florida. apparently they do lots of chemo for kids, and have a large NICU unit. i can't do the nicu things cuz of jimi but i will do baby blankets for healthy little ones, and chemo caps for the kids on chemo. hence the stunningly bright colors. can't feel sick wearing wild colors like that ! i intend on pulling out that braided edge hat again, (I like that lots) and maybe do some variations, like a different cable, or maybe stocking stitch. i dunno. but jenny liked her hat a ton (did i mention that? i'm trying to convince steph i need a pic of jenny wearing it), and i figure it's a good pattern for chemo caps. i may also try shedir, if i get ambitious.

i've finished rows #4 & 5, and am presently stitching row 6. i hate this part. my intention is to finish this by the end of the week (just keep stitching, just keep stitching)

it's frigging cold out! it never made it to 50 today, and it was cloudy, so mark postponed the mushroom hunting until tuesday. his friend's brother-in-law said that he'd not seen any up yet anyway, so maybe that's just for the best. mark's contemplating buying a pound from one of the ads that have been running in the world herald (our local rag). whatever.

i got to go to walmart by myself, even though the boys didn't go mushroom hunting with mark. he took the boys anyway, and i enjoyed some peace. well, as much as one can in walmart on a sunday afternoon. i swear, i'm gonna find a way to stay out of that place on weekends if it kills me! love the prices, but the mayhem is insane. that is where the yarn came from, btw.

steph has finally found the magic pill to help her sinuses. the doctor prescribed some antibiotic, and a decongestant that actually let her sleep today. so she slept all day, lol. i believe she's up right now, but she's intending on going to class and work, so here's hoping.

What i'm reading right now.
The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. PhD. this is an interesting read so far. apparently, the founding fathers fought the War for Independence, not because of wanting to change things, but wanting things to remain the way they were before George III decided it would be better to do silly things like stamp act, etc. a very enlightening read.
Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. still too precocious for words.
Wicked by Shannon Drake. gotta love the titles romance novels have!

Have a nice Day!

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