Tuesday, May 31, 2005

goodness, i'm popular!

ok, i'm going to respond to the myriad comments i've all of a sudden received!

Vi- ok, old broad, i'm making booties and hats for charity, for a yahoo group called AC4C. All Crafters 4 Charity. this month's batch is going to Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando Florida. hence the florida team booties and hats. actually, i thought i'd make 'em for all the sheepies and goaties y'all seem to be springing up there. is that a smart assed enough answer for you?

Natalie - the plan was to make animals (kitties and bunnies, mega simple patterns) for APH as well. alas and alack, the best laid plans of mice and women. i am in progress of finishing ONE lousy stinking kitty because they put me in the mail room at work. those fiends!

Everybody else - the bootie pattern for the purple, yellow, pink, and red ones is here. mega simple. and extremely fast! why do you think i made so many, lol? i'm glad you like them.

now on to the real meat of my post.

i got most of the kitty done except the tail, but i got sent to mail, so was unable to finish it. i'm finishing up as we speak, and the plan was to have the mail man pick up the package tomorrow, but it's pouring out right now, and i'm afraid the box will get too wet. i may have to delay until wednesday. poo.

well, we survived the weekend, if just barely. the boys were absolute heathens, and with the PMS bitch from hell going on, i'm surprised i didn't murder the little bastards. i ended up pulling weeds in mark's backyard, just to avoid murdering anyone, i was in a foul mood this weekend. remind me to NEVER, NEVER,EVER do medication changes for the boys at the same time. i dont' think i can stand that much lunacy again.

mark wants to try to go to the greenhouse again tomorrow. this is to replace all the plants we bought 2 weeks ago, that we didn't get planted, and died. sigh, i think it was about $20 worth. frankly, i'd have put them outside myself, but hey, it was his money. however, my yellow pear tomatoes died, and i don't know when we're going to get my garden patch tilled, since it's pouring tonight.

i finally got my mother's new dental surgery appointment made, and it's for a monday! they recently changed the doctor's hours, so i'll have a 3 day weekend again, and frankly, i could use it! also, the appointment isn't until 9:30! i get to sleep in! what bliss! what luxury! i'll prolly still get up at 7 just so i can have some me time before the monsters, i mean, boys get up.

AND I GOT APPROVED FOR MY VACATION TIME OFF!!!!!! portland, here we come. the tickets are bought, the rooms (beachfront condo, mind you!) are reserved, and already planning my plane knitting, as well as what i'm going to take (yarn, beach chair, yarn, sun screen, yarn, hat, yarn (get the hint?)). granted this is a family reunion, but we're 2 blocks from the beach, you bet your sweet bippie i'm gonna spend some time on the beach. i am so looking forward to it, and meeting mark's family. this is gonna be fun.

and, secret pal, whomever you may be, i will do my questions as soon as i can, i promise. just not tonight, i got kitties to sew.

You might be a redneck if the last time you went swimming they ahd to use the boat ramp to get you out of the lake.
You might be a redneck if you were born with a plastic spoon in your mouth.

Pattern of the Day: Trick Cable Rib. this is too cool! the way you work the cable is you put the needle in the cabled stitches, turn the needle once clockwise, and knit them off! is that cool or what!

Have a nice day!

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lori said...

and the hat? :P

do you ever sit still, lady?

hope you have a nice warm relaxing holiday. :)