Friday, May 13, 2005

on the way

i'm on the way to recovery, thank god. i knit a little bit at work today, but since i left at 2, i didn't do much. i had to frog a little on mark's sweater because i wasn't paying attention (imagine that!) and put in one too many sets of increases. i have to measure before i can continue, so that's temporarily on hold. i did work on Le Bag, but once again, took it easy.

right now i'm wokring on an easy pair of baby booties for AC4C. here's the pattern. i like it because it's with worsted weight yarn, which is my preferred weight. i'm not a big fan of itty bitty yarns, although i do have some in my posession. yeah, i know, vi, snicker at me and my sock yarn collection.

Your prize is on it's way, Lori! i mailed it today (no media rates to canada :( , fooey). i hope you enjoy it.

i swear i'm going to pull all my hair out. i took my mom to the dentist this afternoon, and they told me she will have to be back on monday so they can do impressions for her partials. they didn't tell me that when we started all this, or i would have made the appointment for her extraction a little farther out. sheesh. i'm going to be taking fmla for 2 days next week, and for 2 full days the week after that. goodness. anyway. . . .

sean's teacher and i have been trying to work it out so that she and sean's prospective teacher can meet, and that sean can tour the new school. we got it all arranged, and now her principal told her, after the arrangements had been made, that she can't take sean, because it's a different district, and it's up to the parents to do such things. NOW he speaks up. does he realize how impossible it is to get out of work on such short notice? and now that everything is set up with florence, i bloody well don't want to back out, because school ends on the 27th, and the meeting is set up for the 19th. ARGH! so, i'm going to try to get out of work. if they don't give it to me, i'll take points, and come in late. that's just all there is to it. the bitchy part is that i've only got one more point falling off this year. damned work. and there's more! sean will probably not even go to the local elementary, because of his level of need may not be met at this elementary. he may have to go to a different one. so i told the principal we would like him to go to one near to where we want liam to go, which is around 69th & Dodge. we had put in a request for liam to be placed in a different middle school because we felt he could not handle the local one. it's very "inner city", and with liam being the way he his, i'm positive they'd chew him up and spit him out. mark watches these kids walk past his house on a daily basis (it's 4 blocks from his house) and he claims they're all a bunch of punks and worse. i've seen how some of the girls dress, and i dont' want my son anywhere near that, either. his therapist agrees with me, so i'm crossing my fingers. she even said she'd cast her vote officially, if they decline. i may even hire a lawyer, i feel that strongly about it.

we had king crab for supper, mark and i. mark was disappointed. he likes snow crab better, because it doesnt' poke him. it didn't bother me, because i'm used to little pricks and pokes. my hands hurt all the time anyway, so this is just a different hurt. and using a needle and thread often results in pokes. ah well. i enjoyed it.

i bought strawberries tonight at no frills. i went in to buy milk, but went through produce, and from 10 feet away, they called my name. the first box i picked up was lusciously ripe, but not moldy or spoiled, so i grabbed one, and some whipped cream, and bought what i was there for, and scrammed. my hands smell like strawberries as we speak. i cut them up, macerated them, and we're having strawberry shortcake tomorrow night. woohoo!

You might be a redneck if you think NO PARKING signs do not apply to you.

Have a nice day!

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