Saturday, May 14, 2005

here's a quickie

i'm posting friday's post this afternoon, lol. you'll get the full scoop on today's stuff later tonight.

i was in mail most of the day, and it made my arm hurt again, dammit. i did knit a little bit, and finished knitting a pair of booties i'd started for AC4C. i'll show pics later.

mark was a whirlwind again. sigh. at least i can still find stuff. he put all my books on the bookshelf (he doesn't know about the boxes of books downstairs yet, lol), and organized the corner with the hutch. he tried to tell me i didn't need another trash can there, as the one over by the cooking area was enough, but i like it there. if i'm coming up stairs from the basement, it's a straight shot to the trashcan. and it's convenient as hell. it's staying.

he says we're going to go through all the kitchen cupboards together, because he doesn't know where i'll want things. i'm glad, at least i'll be able to find things in my kitchen.

You might be a redneck if you've ever belched into a karaoke machine.

Pattern of the Day: Leslie's Double Eyelet Socks. ah, bliss, more sock patterns. and the colorway they used for the pic on this is cool, it's black and red (remember the poncho i'm making?)

Have a nice day (lol)

(and i've had 1400 visitors! woohoo, i must be liked!)

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