Tuesday, May 17, 2005

revenge of the bootie

and here i thought i'd found a simple, easy pattern that was very cute and darling. well, it may well be cute and darling, and mayhaps even simple, but not with the yarn i bought for it. blech. i'm never buying redheart baby soft again! splitty shit. amazingly so. it took me all day to finish one blasted bootie! i'm almost done with #2, but oy. i was so annoyed that when i went outside for break, i took a different yarn and hook, and made one bootie on my 15 minute break. the second one i finished after i came back in. then i finished the bootie from hell. never again, sister. however, the good news is i ahve 6 pairs of booties done.

good news and bad news. i'll give ya the bad first.

remember last week griping about sean's present school district refusing to allow sean's teacher to take him to florence for a tour? well, i had to put in for it at work, and they denied me for business needs. this is school. i have no choice, i can't reschedule this, you fucking fools. so i'm taking personal hours in lieu of points. fuck em. i'm taking time for my son, dammit.

also, ihave to take my mom back to the dentist AGAIN! this time it's for trial fittings of her dentures. today was impressions, and that stuff is as disgusting to look at as it is to feel in your mouth. i felt sorry for my mom.

good news. liam was approved to go to school at lewis & clark middleschool, instead of mcmillan. hallelujiah. now the pisser part. they start school at 715. good god, who starts school that fucking early? i think it's insane, particularly since sean will still be in elementary, and not go til 855, and won't get out til 340, when liam gets out at approximately 230. who is the insane person who thought this was a good idea? this is fucked up. sigh. what am i going to do with sean for an hour and a half? for that fact, what is mark going to do for that amount of time until sean gets out of school? lunatics, i tell ya, lunatics.

You might be a redneck if you've ever hollered "rock the house, bubba!" during a piano recital.

Pattern of the Day: "life is just a bowl of cherries" felted hat. this is just too precious. i may make this for later charities. the ones i'm doing right now request no wool, due to potential allergies of the little ones.

What i'm reading (listening to)
The Boy Who Would Live Forever. By Piers Anthony. it's ok, but seems a bit juvenile. even makes the Xanth novels look adult, and that's saying quite a bit.
Dune: The Machine Crusade. i'm listening to this on tape, and the boys are irritated with me because i won't pause it when they're not with me. oh well, they'll just have to read the book.
Wicked. lust abounds.

have a nice day!


vi said...

that is the moron neighbor's yard we are interested in getting RID of it......
I can't sell the house with that crap there
in a residential neighborhood

vi said...

ps: you do love me, I thought you'd forgotten me

TitaniumRose said...

Ah yes, good ol' OPS - can't make anything easy for the parents.