Sunday, May 08, 2005


the blanket is done! yippee!!!!! yahooey! ok, now the big drumroll!!!!!!! and the winner is . . . . ..

ok, honey, you're gonna have to give me your addy so i can mail you your prize. do you remember what the prize was? check back, lol! sorry this took so long, but i was sick and tired of the darned thing, and sewing is so hideously tedious. but now i'm free!!!!!

i think i got about 4 inches done today, because i took the boys to get hair cuts, and i went to the dentist AGAIN. this is getting old.

i also started (and frogged) a baby afghan for AC4C, for Lincoln hospital. this is the memorial project for Jori, who passed away. i never ran across her, i just joined a few months ago, but i'll jump in anyway.

and yes, i'm mad. i bought more yarn today. i ended up buying 3 skeins of baby clouds again, to go with the 3 i bought last week, and 5 skeins of discontinued casual cotton by redheart, in manly colors. i figure i can use those for ship support (another AC4C memorial project, this one for tim. apparently this project was near and dear to his heart, because his nephew is or was on active duty in iraq)

ACK!!!!! i just found a snake in the kitchen!!!!!!! good thing nobody else saw it. steph would have run screaming from the room. it was in the bag of foam rugs i bought for mother's day for Mom and Mommy. so much for jimi scaring off snakes. sigh. i heard him playing with the bag in the kitchen, and when i went in there to pick it up, i saw something wiggle inside. ack! so i carefully picked the bag up, and tossed it outside, then shook it upside down. out came a tiny baby garter snake, about 8 inches long. it ran for the hills as quick as it could, i'll tell ya. dammit, i gotta watch for snakes in the house again!

went to the dentist today, and it took forever for him to numb me, and also forever for the shit to wear off. my lower jaw hurts, and i've been very ginger about eating. so far, the only solid thing i've had has been a bowl of rice (i had a filling, so no dry socket worries). and i go back one more time for fillings. i'm a glutton for punishment.

5/5 You might be a redneck if you call your mother-in-law "Talladega" because she's three cars wide.
5/6 You might be a redneck if you think a hot tub is a stolen bathroom fixture.
5/7-8 You might be a redneck if your truck has 12 bumper stickers but no inspection sticker.

Pattern of the day:
5/6 Three Needle Bind-off Blanket: this is cute. would be excellent for multi-knitter blankets. i like
5/7-8 Mother's Day Placemats: this is convertible to a table runner and face cloth, according to the pattern. it's kinda cool. basketweave with a seed stitch border. definitely a doable.

What i'm reading
Politically incorrect American History
The Boy with No Name by Piers Anthony. love the xanth books. i've even read some of his other stuff. we'll see how this goes. starts off particularly sad, though.

Have a nice day!

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