Monday, May 09, 2005

happy mother's day

you mother. lol, sorry, couldn't resist.

i finished the baby blanket that you see below here. i need to weave in ends, and i will wash it just before i send it, in case jimi or some other thing gets to it before hand. i intend on shipping everything may 31, as usual. gotta love it.

the blanket was a hit, gang. mom adored it, and was amazed that i sewed all those squares together, as well as edged it (i gave it to her on her birthday un-seamed and edgeless, so she would know she was getting a gift). mark even said it was beautiful. i'm just glad it's done

mother's day was interesting. my jaw still aches, so i'm cranky. i was actually able to eat today, though. we had bbq chicken (my mom had a plain breast, she can't have bbq), my home made potato salad (i won't do commercial potato salad, too many onions and dressing, blech!), green salad, and corn cooked on the grill. we had Dad's birthday cake for dessert (his birthday was friday). a good time was had by all, and the boys behaved beautifully. in fact, i had more trouble with liam in the last few days than sean. i think liam's hormones are kicking in, sigh.

steph roasted herself at the nebraska baseball game she went with jenny with. i hope jenny wore a hat, i would hate to see jenny's bare head get burnt. i haven't seen her yet, but she says she's as red as her shirt. oy, that child will never learn. she put sunscreen on her face, but no where else. what's the logic in that?

once again, happy mother's day to all you moms in blogland out there and

Have a nice Day!

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TitaniumRose said...

So did you get the most awesome coupon in the mail from String of Purls the other day? I plan to be there this Thursday evening shopping my little heart out! Perhaps we could tentatively schedule a little meet & knit? =)