Monday, May 16, 2005

shakin' my bootie(s)

they're having a bootie bonanza over at AC4C yahoo group. it's a challenge to see how many booties everybody can make. so, even though my intention was to make matching sets (hats, booties, and sweater if i have time for the sweaters) i'm doing the booties for now. the hats will come later. this is running through tuesday, so i've got tons of time to do the bootie thing. i've knit 3 pair since friday afternoon.

just for a change of pace, i'd printed up a couple of crochet patterns, and i'm making one in a sparkly soft rose (ok, well it's kinda pepto looking). i've had to adjust the pattern just a bit, because apparently they're idea of worsted and mine are two different things. s'ok, i'm adaptable, particularly when it comes to crochet. you saw my granny square booties in march(actually early april, lol), didn't ya? my own pattern, lol.

ok, i guess i owe you guys two days worth of home news, since i never made it back to post last night.
the gardening got put off, because the ground is still very wet. i'm worried that we'll end up too late at this pace. mark says he's gonna put stuff in the ground next week, regardless. we still haven't tilled my patch, because it's been too wet, or mark's been too busy. wish he'd till, rathern than clean my house, believe it or not.
i got my FMLA granted for may 26 & 27, so i'm having a 5 DAY WEEKEND. ok you can be jealous now. actually, since my mom's having oral surgery on the 26th, that day will be shot. the dentist says i need to be there all day with her, so i will. i'll be checking in on her off and on on the 27th, as sean's school is close to her apartment complex. i hope things go well. i'm a little worried, because they're doing an extraction, and root planing and scaling, and she's on blood thinners. they said to stop 4 days before, but still, i worry.

my mom's cousin passed away friday night. he was about her age, and deaf as well. i do his deafness was genetic, as i think he was born deaf. my mother was not. she was very ill at a young age (1 month to be exact) and almost died. they discovered her hearing loss around the age of 2. my mom has decided that she's not up to going to the funeral by herself, and i can't get time off. i'm taking so much time off as it is dealing with everyday things. so, when my stinky brother lets me know what the arrangements are, we are going to order flowers. i feel kinda bad for them. he was a funny man, and helped me to get past just fingerspelling as a kid. he even gave my folks a book on ASL. i can remember when i was about 11, when i'd talk to him, he'd stare at my hands so intently, because i fingerspelled so fast. Go with God, Dean, and forget your pain.

yesterday was run my fanny off day. liam had a dentist appointment at 10, my mom had an appointment with her financial advisor at 130 waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out in the southwestern part of the city (and i live in the waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy northeastern part, lol), and she said she needed to go to the store. so we went to walmart out there. i like their yarn selection much better, but it's a long way to drive. i'll just go to hobby lobby if i need alternative stuff. and i was a good girl, and only bought one skein of purple fun fur for le bags. by the time we got home, it was 430, andi was whipped. mark had called in the middle of rehearsal and asked what we wanted to do for dinner, but i was unloading groceries at my mom's, so i asked him to call back. and he never did. i can't really blame him on this one. he had to go to work yesterday morning, at 4. they were cleaning grease traps at his job, and he didn't get home until 730, because the pipe to one broke, and they had to fix it. he said he'd laid down to take a nap right after the guys left, and just died. he didn't wake up until 715 this mornig, which means he slept for 14 hours. i can't sleep like that unless i'm sick. goodness.

You might be a redneck if you keep a roll of toilet paper in your golf bag (my son didnt' understand this. how do you explain going in the rough?)

Pattern of the Weekend: Black Cashmere Shawl. this is very pretty, but looks very expensive as well. i might try to do it in some other medium, than cashmere and silk. goodness.

Have a nice day!

(oh, today was just laundry and lawn, blech)

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