Tuesday, May 10, 2005


mark decided to clean while the ifp worker was working with the boys. ack! i can't find anything now! he rearranged, and i'm not sure i like all of it. my crafting basket is tastefully done, it can sit out with the grownups, thank you very much. and he wants to banish all my afghans to the basement because "they have no purpose, we don't need that many blankets out." my ass, we don't! oh well. he did vacuum, and helped me put together the bookshelf, that will house my crafting books, as well as everything else that's been boxed up for over a year.

i knit about 2 inches on the latest version of Le Bag. i still have to line the last one, sigh. i also ripped out the poncho i was making with the lion brand thick and quick, and started with bigger needles (17's, these things are as big around as my fingers!), but i screwed up on the first pattern row, cuz i was knitting on the front porch in the dark while i was talking to mark. oops. i'm thinking about casting on for Rogue for steph, if i can find the bloody needle (thanks, mark).

i actually made an ear cozy for my headset at work on friday, because they're asking everybody to wear something, because one person ended up getting shocked, and it raised blisters on her EAR DRUM, for god's sake! another friend's boyfriend (she'd shoot me if she knew i called him that, she won't even admit they have anything beyond friendship as a relationship, even though the horizontal bop is going on) almost got shocked, but felt the tingle come on just before, and got the headset off in time. i think it's time for new headsets, gang, what do you think?

you might be a redneck if all your wedding photos have someone torn out of them (like the groom, lol?)

Pattern of the Day: Laurel Summer Shoulder Bag. this is very pretty, and the pattern is fascinating. i think i would like it, but it's in cotton, and i'm not sure how well it would hold up, since it's DK weight, or so.

Have a nice Day!

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