Wednesday, May 25, 2005

sunrise, sunset

and i got to watch both today. boy am i tired.

i finished one hat, and am almost finished with another. my goal is to have hats and booties match, and in the same medium. so i'll have 4 knitted sets and 7 crocheted sets. i'm down to 3 knitted and one crocheted. then i'll kick it in the ass for blankets. i've got tons of time thursday, as my mom is having oral surgery, and my plan is to put her to bed as soon as i get her home thursday, and since they said i'd need to stay with her all day, i'll just kick back with my immense bag of yarn and watch tv til i'm blue in the face. i plan on making sure she has something for dinner, and then skeedaddle, because liam's 6th grade graduation is that night. i don't think she'll be up to going.

i finished two hats today. i'm shocking people at work, that i finish these things so fast. baby hats are cake, that's all i can say. i'm glad y'all like my sets, btw. i was thinking, the pepto sets could go to twins, if alyssa and the nurses at arnold palmer hospital so chose. wouldn't that be neat (here i go, where's my bucket to puke in again).

exhaustion reigns supreme. i should be in bed, as i had 4 hours of sleep last night, but here i sit, blogging to you, my loyal, faithful (hush vi, you know you love me) fans. i promise, i'll sleep when i'm dead. i have to take my mother to the dentist AGAIN next tuesday for more denture fittings. good golly miss molly. i'm starting to know that dentist office better than the receptionists!

i tried to make a physical appointment for liam for 7th grade (a state requirement here) and the doctor is only working ONE saturday next month, and it happens to be the same day sean and i are going to the dentist, AND the only available appointment for physicals is at 930. and our appointments are 10 and 1040. sometimes i wonder how i function. we won't even mention the fact that i'm going to have to fit one in soon, and that my mom needs one too. damned vacationing doctors.

mark will finally be getting the rv out of his driveway! ed's dad got the motor they needed to fix the rv's AC, and it will either be gone tonight, or leave tomorrow. hallelujah, sister, i swear that thing is the reason we had to buy a new mower. the old one got stolen.

there are rumors flying at work, we'll see what happens with them. they've taken away the company picnic (this is a definite) and given us a free pass to the circus (but you can't take your 19 year old kid, even if she's your dependent, not unless she comes as your "guest"). the kicker is, the only free thing is the circus itself. the concessions are pay as you go, and the parking is $6 for lot parking, and $10 for structure parking. oy. i'm still going to try to talk the IFP people in letting us have a friday night off so we can take the boys.
the other rumor is that they are going to force us into business casual. yeah, right. they don't pay me enough to dress up that much. they're just piling on, so the warm bodies can rotate out again, and they don't have to pay benefits, or raises. alas and alack. if it weren't for my schedule, i'd find a different job.

You might be a redneck if allyour kids have the middle name Elvis.
You might be a redneck if your knife is sharper than you are.

pattern of hte day: Sheep Shawl. another non pattern. this one is at least not a scarf.
pattern of the day: mitred u baby jacket. this is cute. i could do this. good charity pattern. and once i sat and thought about it, dd's are double decreases, and di's are double increases. i'll get the hang of this yet.

Have a nice Day!


vi said...

yeah yeah I loves ya but don't tell anyone
you would ruin my mean old lady image
dontcha know

Renata said...


Just had to come check out your blog after reading your very funny posts on AC4C. Your blog is great; always makes me smile.